What is the FCTM-ESOPE?

What is the FCTM-ESOPE?

Solutions to equipment life issues

  • Providing solutions to the technical challenges of boilermaking and ESP equipment and industrial piping
  • Mobilize all the players: manufacturers, integrators, distributors, owners, contractors
  • To offer a complete overview of the actors and technologies contributing to the life of the equipment
  • Give access to all information dedicated to equipment and their environment

Who exhibit?

Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and integrators of raw materials, components, equipment and solutions.
Pressure equipment manufacturers
Raw materials
Design, control and non destructive testing
Engineering office
Piping & Pipefitter
Boilermaking equipment
Inspection and testing
Non destructive testing
Dismantling and recycling
Professionnal organisations
Packaging and freight - handling
Services for the environment

Who visits?

Pressure equipment, boilers and industrial structures' manufacturers, integrators and operators looking for technical solutions.

Yolande BUFQUIN, Secrétaire Générale du SNCT et organisateur du FCTM-ESOPE 2023