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S1.9 - How to manage CUI in a smarter way

Oct 7, 2021 | 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM



Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is a major challenge for different process industries. Today it is managed in many ways, ranging from full removal of insulation to minimal maintenance including some inspection with insufficient non-destructive testing. These two extremes exhibit a lack of understanding and a lack of systematic approach in managing the CUI risk, globally. The presentation will describe the results from a recent (2017-2019) CUI Joint Industry Project (JIP) where the oil and gas industry in the North Sea area has established a methodology for managing the CUI threat. In this context managing the CUI threat involves risk assessment, risk mitigation, risk update and experience transfer in a systematic manner. The methodology assesses 4 CUI barriers: Material, coating, water wetting and design. Further details will be elaborated on in the presentation. DNV GL has enabled this methodology for the industry in DNVGL-RP-G109 "Risk Based Management of Corrosion Under Insulation" in Q4 2019. The Recommended Practice was issued issued alongside the cloud-based web application “CUI Manager”, supporting the RP work process. This web application can be aligned with individual company specific requirements, as well as solely rely on the DNV GL RP methodology, or use a combination of the two. The presentation will elaborate on methodology described in the DNVGL-RP-G109 and the features of the "CUI Manager" that enables users to identify, mitigate and manage the risk of CUI in the most cost effective way.

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