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S4.9 - Fatigue Life of Ageing Pressure Vessels – New Guidelines for Assessments

7 oct. 2021 | 11:30 - 12:00

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The Energy Institute has recently published new Guidelines for assessing the risk of failure from fatigue of ageing pressure vessels. It is often difficult for operators to know how much fatigue life remains, or which vessels to target with detailed inspection to detect cracking; vessels could have exceeded their design life, or the original fatigue design analysis may no longer be valid or be available, if it was ever undertaken. This paper introduces the Guidelines, which are intended to assist operators assess the risk of fatigue failure of their vessels in late life and prioritise the vessels most at risk. The Guidelines present a process for screening ageing pressure vessels according to their relative risk of fatigue failure based on the factors that are known to influence fatigue life. They describe how operators can assess the remaining fatigue life of the vessels of highest risk using modern analysis methods, and the options available to operators for extending operation when the limit of design fatigue life is reached. The paper will include two case studies illustrating how two operating companies have assessed the risk of fatigue failure of their ageing pressure vessels. Keywords: Guidelines, pressure vessels, fatigue failure, fatigue life

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