FCTM Esope

S2.8 - Optimisation des supports de Tuyauteries & Interopérabilité

Oct 6, 2021 | 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM

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With traditional documentation and manual data transfers workflows are error-prone and create disconnect between teams – leading to inefficiencies, design mistakes, and operational failures. New workflows for piping design will take advantage of the software interoperability with other disciplines and modern optimization algorithms! Join us to learn how engineers can : - Easily determine the optimal support locations that require the least number of supports, while ensuring design criteria are met. - Quickly evaluate multiple design alternatives to ensure the best scenario, saving time and money. - Share the piping loads instantly with the structural and mechanical engineers, via a dynamic repository. - Simulate the structural-piping interaction. - Run cold and hot clash detection on the final model

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