FCTM Esope


Michael F.P. BIFANO PH.D

The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.

Team Leader, Rotating Equipment / Senior Engineer


Dr. Bifano is a consultant in the chemical and petrochemical industries performing Fitness‐For‐ Service (FFS) evaluations of in‐service equipment using the rules of API 579‐1/ASME FFS‐1. He serves as the E2G Technical Authority on vibration measurements, diagnostics, and vibration fatigue assessments. Dr. Bifano specializes in dynamics and vibrations analysis, transient thermalmechanical fatigue analysis, elevated temperature creep and creep‐fatigue simulations, and fracture mechanics using analytical and computational techniques. His responsibilities include leading the Vibration & Rotating Equipment Consulting Services Group. Prior to joining E2G, Dr. Bifano worked as a graduate research fellow in the Nanomechanics Laboratory at Case Western Reserve University. He has four years of research experience in the field of heat transfer, vibrations, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). As part of his dissertation at Case Western Reserve University, he has published multiple papers on guided waves and wave confinement effects and their role in heat transfer through nanotubes/fibers.

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