FCTM Esope

A 360-degree approach of the boilermaking, pressure equipment and piping equipment industry 

Aim:  to create a cross-fertilization between the pressure vessels, boilermaking, piping and maintenance communities

To provide a global response to handle the current issues that the boilermaking, piping and pressure vessels industries are facing

To provide a complete overview of all available professionnals and technologies contributing to the equipments' lifecyle

Gather all professionnals of the value chain: manufacturers, integrators, distributors, users, principals

To provide an efficient information platform also giving access to the latest trends and technologies

FCTM-ESOPE handles all aspects of the industrial pressure equipment and the piping industry value chain and lifecycle

FCTM 2018
Watch the  2018 highlights (in french)

Tolerie Magazine partenaire du FCTM ESOPETolerie Magazine partenaire du FCTM ESOPE

Hold together both events

to offer comprehensive event dedicated to pressure vessels, boilermaking industries as well as all related issues, challenges, trends and technologies
Scientific and technical symposium
100+ exhibitors
Live demonstrations
Conferences & workshops
Training area
Contests, awards ceremony